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This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shares his secrets for fabricating a stylish new plastic-laminate kitchen countertop. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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Shopping List for How to Build a Laminate Counter:
– 5/8-inch A-C fir plywood, used to make substrate for counter and backsplash
– plastic laminate, used to cover plywood substrate
– contact cement, used to adhere top laminate
– paint roller, short-nap paint-roller sleeve, used to apply contact cement
– aerosol contact cement, used to adhere edge laminate
– silicone adhesive, for securing sink to counter, and counter to cabinets
– assorted drywall screws, for assembling the counter and attaching the backsplash
– 1/2-inch-diameter wood dowels, used to prevent laminate from sticking to counter

Tools for How to Build a Laminate Counter:
– portable circular saw and straightedge guide, used to cut plywood parts to size
– drill/driver, for drilling holes and driving screws
– belt sander and 100-grit belt, for smoothing the laminate flush with the plywood top
– block plane, used to trim the plywood build-up strips flush with the plywood top
– trim router fitted with flush-cutting bit, for trimming laminate
– single-cut mill bastard file, used to trim the laminate flush
– J-roller, used to press the laminate down into the contact cement
– jigsaw, for making sink cutout in countertop
– caulking gun, used to apply silicone adhesive
– air compressor, air hose, pneumatic brad nailer and 1-inch brads, used to attach plywood build-up strips to underside of counter

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