How to Install Carpet

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Installing carpet is a job you can do yourself to save money. Just be prepared to take your time, and make sure you have the right tools, which you can rent at your local Home Depot Tool Rental Center. See how to install carpet with this step-by-step video and check out our Carpets and Rugs playlist for more on this subject:

Review our Installing Carpet project guide for more information:

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You can have your carpet installed for free with carpet purchases over $699. Learn more about professional carpet install with The Home Depot Home Services options:

Follow these steps when installing carpet:
00:13 Gather supplies
00:24 Selecting the right carpet padding and considerations
00:42 Cut and nail tack strips
00:59 Lay carpet pad
1:14 Measure the room
1:22 Cut the carpet
1:38 Center the rough cut
1:49 Anchor the long wall
1:59 Anchor a short wall
2:13 Power-stretch the first corner
2:36 Power-stretch the second corner
2:44 Power-stretch the opposite long wall
2:54 Power-stretch the remaining corner
2:59 Anchor the last wall
3:00 Trim the carpet at the wall
3:10 Install the moulding

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