Install a Pebble Tile Accent Wall: Installation

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After prepping for a Pebble Tile Accent Wall, you will want to begin to apply the tile. For this project you will need scissors to cut the tile mesh, a premixed thin set, notched trowel, sealant, a sponge, rubber sponge float and a roller with pan for the sealant.

To begin you will want to work in 3’x3′ blocks so that the stones fit together smoothly. Apply the thin set on the wall and use the notched trowel to created grooves in the thin set. This will allow the stones to grasp onto the wall better. Next apply the stones. Use the rubber sponge float to apply the grout. Once the grout is applied, wipe the excess with a sponge and water. Repeat until the stones are applied. Once the grout has dried, apply the sealant to the stones. To complete add a piece of moulding.

Now that the pebble accent wall is complete, maintain it by washing it down with a sponge to keep it sparkling!

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